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From Dawn to Storm

Year: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Flimsy Haze Records
Genre: [NWOBHM / Traditional Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Maybe one of the oldest Heavy Metal bands in Finland, made in 1983, Gobra returns after ten years without releasing an album, due to several inner issues, with their latest, From Dawn To Storm. This album was released under the band’s own label that is name is followed by the band’s old name, Flimsy Haze.

With their long history, which in it they recorded four studio albums, three EPs and two singles, Gobra never got to be recognized as a big band outside of Finland. Over the years, they defied many rules while choosing to sing in English rather to acts in Finnish, nevertheless, that also did not get them very far. Moreover, their music may give the wrong impression that this is an English band rather than Finnish. It seems that NWOBHM and old Hard Rock runs through their veins and aside from the accent of the vocalist, Tony, it is all the way British.

From Dawn To Storm is maybe not something new from the band as it’s like its previous brothers, Third and True Tale, yet, it’s a well-done performance by this group. Their way of harmonizing great melodies and playing almost vintage like riffs of old Metal it plain amazing. It is like listening to the old era of Iron Maiden, yet with a Hard Rock touch on it. Almost every track on this release is something to look forward to as each one placed Gobra as a wonderful composing group which didn’t follow any new trends of modernity and just kept on going through their book (something worth of admiration)..

The only thing that lacks abit on the album is not the music, yet it is the vocals. Gobra are playing a sort of Maiden all right, however, their vocals seemed to have no passion or fire following them. Vocalist / Bassist, Tony, has a nice voice and he sings more or less the same as earlier period vocalists on the old British scene, yet, if you want to spark it up, especially in nowadays, you need abit of guts to be more loud. Unfortunately, that did not happen here and it could have elevated this release into higher grounds.

Right from the start until the finish, it is a melodic frenzy and a show of great early 80’s Metal music. Although there is a bit of coldness on the vocals, there is something to look into here. Tracks as “Quick And Dirty”, “Death Machine”, “There Will Come A Time”, “Indian Soul”, “See The Sign”, “Intruders” and “Rock The Boat” are good examples of great music of near vintage times. With this album, Gobra should be re-recognized by their local scene and step outside of their turf in order to let others in the Metal world to know them.

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (June, 9th 2010)

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Tony: Vocals, Bass
Ramiz: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Maze: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Reno: Drum
Producer: Matinheikki, Juha
Mixing by: Matinheikki, Juha & Gobra
Mastering by: Matinheikki, Juha & Gobra
Gobra - From Dawn to Storm  CD  Cover Image
01. Quick and Dirty
02. Death Machine
03. What Does It Matter?
04. There Will Come a Time
05. Indian Soul
06. Roses and Barbed Wire
07. The Passing of Time
08. Fast Lane
09. See the Sign
10. The F-Word (Everythings Gonna Blow Up)
11. Intruders
12. On the Run
13. Rock the Boat
14. The Last and Slow One
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