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Year: 2008
Format: CD
Label: 10T Records
Genre: [Melodic Rock/Fusion/Progressive Hard Rock/World/Ambient/Jazz]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

The Uzbekistan-based prog-fusion group Fromuz returns with their first proper studio album titled as Overlook. Interestingly enough their debut release "Audio Diplomacy" was a live album, which regrettably I haven't had the opportunity to check out. However, based on Overlook one could say I've been missing out, since the instrumental tracks by this group are rather captivating.

There are 5 songs on this album, each infused with a big dose of prog flair - though at times the material can resort a bit too much on gimmickry, the unforgettable melodies and clever hooks are just around the corner on their way to impress you as a listener. Diversity and cross-over appeal are the obvious strengths of Fromuz, and as clichd as it may sound, words simply aren't enough to describe the music extensively. I'm especially impressed how well the band does transitions in their somewhat lengthy instrumental jams from fusion of rock and ambient world music daringly to jazz and progressive hard rock tones. Regardless, on a more critical note I wish the group leaves some of their noodling behind on their further releases. For example, about eight and a half minutes into the first track on Overlook there's a four minute bit where the band simply messes around with little distinguishable direction.

Production on Overlook has been handled very professionally. The mix is very balanced and the sounds are apt. Especially the range of dynamics is laudable, and the album is pleasure to listen to even from sound engineer's viewpoint. All in all, Fromuz is a highly creative group whose releases are definitely worth checking out in case you're an open-minded listener willing to give yourself up to adventurous instrumentals.

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- MAGE (September 30th, 2008)


Badirov, Vladimir: Drums
Khalmurzaev, Albert: Keyboards
Mara-Novik, Andrew: Bass
Popeloff, Vitaly: Guitar
Producer: Iosis, Igor & Hodges, Jeff
Mixing by: Hodges, Jeff
Mastering by: Blackwood, Brad
Fromuz - Overlook  CD  Cover Image
01. Stone Salad
02. Other Side of the Water
03. Crashmind
04. 13th August
05. Return to W.I.T.

Length: 69:13
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